A DRUMCHAPEL transport charity is pitching a travel card for residents to raise funds for their own bus.

G15 Buses hopes to build memberships at £15, valid for a year once the service starts. If they can get 65 club members, that should be enough to secure a bus for transport to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The group was given charity status earlier this year after three years of campaigning by Drumchapel Initiative for Transport (DrifT), set up to fight for a direct bus between the area and the former Southern General Hospital.

First Glasgow runs a service between Drumchapel and the hospital, but the charity said the company’s route takes too long and is indirect.

Anyone living in the G15 post code can buy a membership card and the charity said they hope to eventually expand it to anyone working in G15.

They will look to assist Clydebank campaigners also fighting for a bus route, provided they meet charity rules.

The charity said the situation is a complicated mess of legal terminologies and rules covering the whole of Europe.

Will Thomson, development trustee, told the Post: “If we had our own money, we could do what we want. If we took public money, that would have to go through SPT and because we are not part of the SPT framework, we couldn’t operate the service.

“We are asking people to enter into an agreement with us to buy a membership. It’s a form of demand-response transport.

“It’s all legal and above board, but it’s just to do with terminology.”

He added: “SPT can’t back us because they say we are duplicating a service – I will offer £150 to the person who proves what service we are duplicating. There is no service.”

Drumchapel councillor Paul Carey said he would like to see more detail on the proposals but was broadly supportive of anything to improve access for residents, particularly to the hospital.

He said: “It’s not an easy route from Drumchapel to the hospital. I fully support any idea that makes transport more affordable and accessible.

“The bus service should be deregulated to solve issues throughout the city.”

Look up “G15 Buses travel club” on Facebook or email g15buses@gmail.com for more details.