A CLYDEBANK man who shone a laser at a police car, stalked a woman and threw items from a flat on to the road below managed to get two jobs while warrants were out for his arrest.

Kevin Ayre was jailed for an extra 130 days on top of the 18 months he is serving for the attack with a laser.

The 30-year-old, of Dumbarton Road, was sentenced on September 20 at Glasgow Sheriff Court for the March 6, 2016 incident where he used the green laser from a 13th floor window of a high rise block in Kirkton Avenue, Knightswood.

The police sergeant, who had been driving at the time, summoned colleagues and went to Ayre’s door where he admitted it was his laser but initially told them his name was Kriss Ayre with a false date of birth, reported our sister paper, the Evening Times.

After the laser attack, he committed further offences in West Dunbartonshire – and last week he appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court to be sentenced for stalking a woman in Alexandria between July 7 and October 10, 2016.

He previously admitted repeatedly contacting the woman through social media and sending abusive messages, repeatedly phoning her, swearing, using abusive language and repeatedly texting her. He was on bail at the time.

On November 12, he culpably and recklessly threw glass bottles and crockery from a second floor window in Dumbarton Road without regard for the pedestrians or vehicles below.

And then in December, he failed to turn up to court and lived under the radar for several months.

While warrants were out for him, Ayre obtained two jobs, said defence solicitor Judith Reid, and one of his employers was prepared to hold a job open for him upon his release from prison.

Ayre has been in custody since July 24, his first taste of being detained.

“It’s not an experience he is clearly enjoying,” said Ms Reid. “It is a great regret he has put himself in the situation he has.

“From January to July, warrants were outstanding and that’s exacerbated his position.

“He managed to stop what had become a fairly constant problem with alcohol.

“He obviously has a record. He managed to stay out of trouble until 2016. Both of his parents passed away between 2015 and 2016 and he moved from holding down employment and not having any addiction problem to self medicating through alcohol.

“It is the only explanation for his bizarre and reckless behaviour.

“He accepts he should not have treated [the woman] in the way that he did – he was under the influence of Valium and alcohol. He has not been in contact with her for sometime.”

Ms Reid added Ayre was assessed as not being immediately at risk of causing harm and was anxious to keep his potential date of release – April 2018 – to maintain his employment prospects.

Sheriff Craig Harris told Ayre the culpable and reckless conduct was “quite an outrageous offence” causing potential danger to pedestrians and drivers. And he condemned Ayre for the “no doubt very distressing” stalking of the woman.

He said: “Your behaviour was quite reprehensible.”

Once Ayre’s 18-month sentence from Glasgow Sheriff Court expires, he must serve an extra 130 days for the offences in Alexandria and Clydebank.