YOKER politicians have demanded answers following the closure of the Renfrew Ferry without explanation.

A sign stating the vessel was “temporarily out of service” was placed at Yoker Ferry Road but there was no indication of when the service would resume and the telephone number provided for passengers to seek assistance is dead.

Clydelink Ltd – who have run the service since it was privatised in 2010 – also state a free bus service has been put in place while the ferry is out of use, however, it has been dubbed “unreliable” by politicians.

It has been claimed the closure is a result of staff holidays, while others have stated it’s the cause of mechanical problems with the ferry – only adding to passengers’ confusion.

The SNP councillor for the area, Michael Cullen, has told the Post several of his constituents have raised concerns over the 100-year-old service’s sudden disappearance.

He said: “The Yoker Ferry was a well established essential service operating in our communities for more than 100 years. The decision in 2010 by SPT to stop funding and put out to privatisation was not only wrong but reckless.

“The decision by the private operator to remove this service without any public consultation or information shows their disregard for the customers. They have not taken ownership of this situation by reducing the service at a time when no one would be available and office, telephone lines are closed.

“I would hope that SPT now see this decision made in 2010 to privatise as being wrong and will work to deliver a more comprehensive, accessible ferry service for our communities.”

Fellow councillor Eva Murray echoed his concerns.

The Labour councillor said: “It is the lack of information or forewarning of this situation that is especially worrying.

“I have made enquiries with both SPT and the private operators of the ferry service in the hope of getting some answers and to fully understand how this can be resolved.

“I know the ferry provides a vital service to the people of Yoker and Renfrew whether it is for work or social purposes.

“Every attempt should be being made to save such a historic and crucial part of both communities.”

The area’s MSP, Bill Kidd, has joined forced with his Renfrew counterpart Derek McKay in writing to the transport minister, SPT and Clydelink in a bid to solve the issue.

He said: “I have been contacted by constituents who are concerned that their daily commute has been severely interrupted by the un-announced stoppage to the service.

“Members of my staff visited the slipway this week to be told the ferry was off due to it breaking down but that it would be back the next day, obviously that didn’t happen.

“My colleague Derek McKay MSP informed me the company office is closed until the August 11 and that the phone lines are ringing out, this is totally unexceptionable.

“I have contacted the transport minister, SPT and the company itself in writing asking for explanations of what protocols are in place to sustain this 500-year-old Clyde crossing and will be happy to share the answers I receive with my constituents”.

Clydelink have not responded to multiple requests for comment.

A SPT spokeswoman said: “This is a commercial service operated by Clydelink. We have been unsuccessful in requesting that the operator improve its public notices and announcements regarding the status of the ferry operation.

“It is our understanding that the cancelled sailings are due to a mechanical failure, not staff holidays.”