A CLYDEBANK autism group has been awarded £2,500 to help fund their social activities.

Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund gave the cash for the 15 adults aged 16 to 30 who meet every fortnight.

Run by the National Autistic Society Scotland, they have outings such as cinema, 10-pin bowling and other activities from their base at Centre 81 in Whitecrook, including table tennis, badminton and film nights.

Sandra Buckley, from the National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “This support ensures that we can run this much-needed social group for an entire year and we’re very grateful to the committee members for their support.

“Our West Dunbartonshire social group teaches young autistic people a range of skills and provides a structured opportunity for them to socialise and function more safely and successfully in their community.

“Members decide what activities they want to do and arrange this together with their social group leader. These activities range from a trip to the movies or a going to McDonalds, things that most people take for granted but that mean an awful lot to them.

“These outings also help our members to form relationship, mix with peers, try new experiences and build confidence. Ultimately, and most importantly, they allow our members to have fun with their friends.”

Peter Carroll, who sits on the FlightPath Fund committee, said: “The charity’s FlightPath Fund application clearly demonstrated how important this particular social group is to its members and the committee was very impressed with the effort and commitment made by the organisers from the National Autistic Society.”