A FORMER candidate in the local council elections has been appointed unopposed to the Scottish Trade Unions Congress.

Roza Salih, one of Drumchapel’s “Glasgow Girls”, was asked to represent “young people” to the general counsel of the STUC and will attend her first meeting in June.

Representing Unite the Union, the 27-year-old has been on the young people’s committee since last year and was involved in targeting employers using zero-hours contracts with their “better than zero” campaign.

Glasgow Anniesland MSP Bill Kidd said: “Apart from her day job, I knew Roza was actively representing Unite, her trade union, on the young people’s committee and within ‘better than zero’.

“But it’s a wonderful acknowledgement of her skills, dedication and commitment to have, after a year, earned this opportunity with the STUC, and it is indicative of how well she has performed within the trade union movement at representing others and is a great example of just what this young lady is capable of in the future.”