PUPILS from West Dunbartonshire wanting to study Gaelic may no longer be taken by Glasgow City Council, education bosses have said.

At the education services committee last week, Laura Mason, chief education officer, said Glasgow Gaelic School currently takes their 18 pupils doing their medium language study.

But she said: “We don’t know until we start enrolling in January if parents demand Gaelic education. There is a strong possibility Glasgow City Council will say they’re full.

“The terms of the [Education (Scotland)] Act would make it more difficult for us not to put on transport. We will need to see what happens in the new year. It could be challenging.”

Ms Mason said they also hoped to promote the language further with community groups, and a teacher from St Peter the Apostle High will be looking at how to get the local authority ready for new language requirements from the Scottish Government.

She added: “Our biggest concern is we meet requirements under the Education Act, but this is about promoting the language and learning in the community.

“What we think will be a better way is to get into early years and move through that way. There is money to promote the language.”

Currently Edinbarnet and Gavinburn primaries have Gaelic as part of their “languages 1+2 strategy” with three teachers having attended training in the past session.