CHOOSE life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose Whitecrook.

Ewan McGregor did just that when he visiting a Clydebank bar and hotel on Monday night for an extra bit of filming for the sequel to Trainspotting.

The film, set for release in January, was in town in June having transformed the Douglas Hotel into the “Port Sunshine”.

And the bar has a starring role in the opening shot of the first trailer for Trainspotting 2, released today.

As a train rattles past, you see the dim lights of the hotel shining over the waste ground in Whitecrook.

The building, on the corner of North Douglas Street and John Knox Street, had its lower floor painted over the summer for its starring role, then returned to white, only to be repainted yellow last week to prepare for one night of filming.

Streets were closed off and giant spotlights erected that could be seen a mile in any direction as director Danny Boyle filmed new scenes for the adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s 2002 novel Porno, the sequel to Trainspotting.

Our photographer, Robert Wilson, was exclusively allowed on set and caught the film’s star, Mr McGregor, straining at the Sunshine’s upstairs window.

All residents were told by production company TS2 Productions Ltd was there would be filming of scenes to “show people coming and going from the hotel” from 6pm on Monday.

In June, director Danny Boyle told the Post: “It’s absolutely lovely to be in Clydebank.

“I always remember the Billy Connolly joke saying there’s only two seasons in Glasgow – winter and June.”

In the sequel to the 1996 Academy Award-nominated movie, Ewan McGregor will reprise his role as Mark “Rent Boy” Renton, Robert Carlyle returns as Francis “Franco” Begbie and Jonny Lee Miller once again plays Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson.

You can watch the full trailer here. (It's Trainspotting, so expect nudity and strong language.)