A DRUMCHAPEL social worker's bag with confidential information has been found in the street by a member of the public.

A passer-by saw a black bicycle saddly bag sitting on a wall and picked it up, realising it had been left behind.

Inside was a laptop and notebook with names and personal details of residents in the community.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told our sister paper, the Evening Times: "Social work hold other people to extremely high standards and so they should be leading the way, setting an example.

"It's a disgrace that this was left lying around.

"The information in the notebook is really personal - I would hate to think that my information would be left to be found like that.

"At the time I found it, I saw a man cycling off down the road but I have no idea if it was his or not."

The bag was found on April 22 but was not immediately handed in as the woman was late to pick up her daughters. With the social work offices closed at the weekend, she kept it at home for safely.

But then the mum, having taken advice from a colleague,worried she would be charged with the crime of "theft by finding" and so brought the bag to the Evening Times.

The notebook, by a Drumchapel Social Work office staff member, which has been securely returned by the newspaper to social work services, contains personal details about child clients and their families.

This includes full names, dates, medical issues and even criminal histories of children and families in the north of the city.

The woman who found the bag added: "Everyone makes mistakes but this really concerns me.

"This is really concerning information and it scares me that it was left lying out."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman, on behalf of the social work department, said: "This incident will be investigated.

"Information security is an absolute priority for the council.”

The news comes a day after the Information Commissioner's Office issued a blunt enforcement notice against West Dunbartonshire Council after repeated failures to train staff on data protection. It led to a child's information being stolen.