HOPEFULS aiming for a Holyrood seat on the regional list vote in Scottish Parliament elections have been announced.

Commonly referred to as the ‘second vote’, the regional list is decided using proportional representation. 

Constituency MSPs are elected by ‘first past the post’: polling more votes than their rivals for the seat.

The list system tops this up, to compensate parties which get a lot of votes in constituencies but fail to win many MSPs. It is calculated using a formula that means the more MSPs a party wins on the constituency vote, the less their votes for the region count. 

The aim is a fairer representation of the political sphere of Scotland.

If a party is allocated top-up seats, these go, in order, to the candidates on their list.

Smaller parties such as the Scottish Socialist Party and the Scottish Greens have entered Holyrood in the past with as little as 15,000 votes for an MSP.

Clydebank fits into the West Scotland (list) region, which spans from East Dunbartonshire to the north of Ayrshire.

This time round for May 5, the Greens are fielding Ross Greer as their top list candidate. Mr Greer works for the party and formerly for the Yes campaign. 

In Glasgow, they are standing Patrick Harvie, the party’s co-convener.

On top of the West Scotland list for RISE is social worker of 40 years Colin Turbett, 61, from Ayrshire. 

In Glasgow is The National columnist, independence activist and socialist Cat Boyd, 31, who has made a name for herself as a prominent left-winger in the city.

The Liberal Democrats are standing Katy Gordon in West Scotland, who is a careers adviser and trade unionist. In Glasgow, former MSP Robert Brown CBE, 68, is topping the list. Brown is currently a councillor for South Lanarkshire, representing Rutherglen.

The Tories are fielding Richard Appleton in West Scotland. Dr Appleton is an author and medical doctor. Adam Tomkins is appearing at the top of the list for Glasgow. He is a is a legal scholar and professor at Glasgow University.

Scottish Labour is standing Jackie Baillie, who has been the MSP for Dumbarton for years. She is expected to keep her constituency seat, meaning the next down on the list would take the first top-up seat: that is Neil Bibby. He was a list MSP in the last  Parliament. 

In Glasgow, the party is standing ousted MP Anas Sarwar. Former leader Johann Lamont, also standing in Glasgow Pollok, is second in the list.

In West Scotland, the SNP put constituency candidates before list-only. If they all win, Qasim Hanif would be the top candidate.

Ukip is also believed to be fielding lists but have not yet announced them. The party denied its Scottish chief David Coburn MEP was hand-picking the candidates in the press last week.


West Scotland

1. Katy Gordon
2. Ashay Ghai
3. Aileen Morton


1. Robert Brown
2. Isabel Nelson
3. Ewan Hoyle
4. Chris Young


West Scotland

1. Colin Turbett
2. Kieran McCallum
3. Sandra Webster
4. Lindsay Brown
5. Lindsay Webster
6. William Telfer


1. Cat Boyd
2. Pinar Asku
3. Bryan Simpson
4. Suki Sangha
5. James McEaney
6. Deborah Waters
7. Andrew Rosseter


West Scotland

1. Ross Greer
2. Veronika Tudhope
3. Ciaran Roarty
4. Yvonne McLellan
5. Joshua McCormick
7. Ryan Morrison
8. Sarah Anderson


1. Patrick Harvie
2. Zara Kitson
3. Sean Templeton
4. Martha Wardrop
5. Patrick McAleer
6. Anni Pues
7. Lee Symes
8. Kim Long
9. Anna Crow


West Scotland

1. Sharon McGonigal
2. Michael Burrows
3. Robert Malyn 


1. Janice MacKay
2. Jamie Robertson
3. John Ferguson


West Scotland

1. Jackie Baillie
2. Neil Bibby
3. Mary Fee
4. Ken MacIntosh
5. Johanna Baxter
6. Joe Cullinane
7. Siobhan McCready
8. Martin McCluskey
9. Moira Ramage
10. Paul Sweeney
11. Gail Casey
12. Ben Procter


1. Anas Sarwar
2. Johann Lamont
3. James Kelly
4. Pauline McNeill
5. Bill Butler
6. Patricia Ferguson
7. James Adams
8. Soryia Siddique
9. Paul Martin
10. Samantha Ritchie
11. Hanzala Malik
12. Anne McTaggart


West Scotland

1. Richard Appleton
2. Graeme Brooks
3. Jackson Carlaw
4. Maurice Corry
5. Maurice Golden
6. Jamie Greene
7. Paul Masterton
8. William McClure
9. Andrew Polson
10. David Wilson


1. Adam Tomkins
2. Annie Wells
3. Sheila Mechan
4. Kyle Thornton
5. John Anderson
6. Graham Hutchison
7. Thomas Kerr
8. Taylor Muir
9. Thomas Haddow


West Scotland

1. Derek Mackay
2. Stewart Maxwell
3. Kenneth Gibson
4. Stuart McMillan
5. Rona Mackay
6. Ian McDougall
7. Gil Paterson
8. Gail Robertson
9. Ruth Maguire
10. Qasim Hanif
11. Nighet Riaz
12. Michelle Rodger


1. Nicola Sturgeon
2. Humza Yousaf
3. Bob Doris
4. Bill Kidd
5. Rhiannon Spear
6. Ivan McKee
7. Suzanne McLaughlin
8. Clare Haughey
9. Caroline Welsh
10. Charandeep Singh
11. Margaret Lennon
12. Alistair Fulton