A DALMUIR pensioner has safety fears because his neighbourhood is shrouded in darkness every night due to a lack of street lights.

Robert McAllister, of Ellinger Court, described the streets around his high rise block as a “mugger’s paradise”.

The retired electrician fears for the safety of people at night due to debris lying around the pavements as well as levels of crime in the area.

Earlier this month the 71-year-old showed the Post how every light and exterior lamp around his high rise was out.

He pointed out how more street lights were defunct in adjoining Scott Street and claimed several complaints to West Dunbartonshire Council had been ignored.

Mr McAllister, 71, said: “It’s a mugger’s paradise here when it’s dark. At night time, there are a lot of cars around — or a lot of hiding places — and to prevent crime in the area this place should be well lit.

“Around the back of Ellinger Court at the bottom of the block there’s a launderette, and there’s absolutely no lighting back there apart from what comes out of the stairwell or residents’ windows.

“I’m worried that someone at night could trip over a glass bottle or some of the other junk lying around and seriously injure themselves.” He added: “I’ve contacted the council three times now but I don’t think I was ever taken seriously by the person who answered the phone. They even asked me to go and take in all the numbers of the lampposts and report back to them — isn’t that their job?” A council spokeswoman said: “We don’t have any record of this fault but would like to thank Mr McAllister for bringing it to our attention. We have visited the site to inspect the lights at Ellinger Court and replace any which are out. We will identify any lights which need replaced in Scott Street and repairs will be completed this week.” That was two weeks ago. When we contacted Mr McAllister again on Friday about the repair works, he responded: “Only three lights at the front of Ellinger Court have been fixed. Four lights are still out round the back, as well as the front exterior light on the building.

“Four or five are still out at Scott Street, as are some lights outside Burnside Court. “I had complained about the whole lot.”