AN ambitious Dalmuir girl has set about making her big brother’s dream a reality — just weeks after he tragically died.

Jennifer McGregor lost her brother Duncan to oesophegal cancer last month, one year after he had been diagnosed.

She revealed that one of the 34-year-old’s lifetime wishes was to have his own fashion line and be a successful designer.

Jennifer, 22, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease and had an ileostomy last year, shares the same passion for fashion.

The loving sister is now determined to create fashionable clothing that would benefit people with the same health problems she and her brother had.

Jennifer is launching CrohnieClothing, which will deliver a special line of clothes including a menswear section dedicated to her “hero” big brother.

She told the Post: “My goal with CrohnieClothing has always been to create fashionable clothing for people in a similar position to myself. But within the last year another reason I want to proceed with this is because my beloved big brother Duncan was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2014.

“This horrible disease sadly meant we only had another year with our inspirational boy before he sadly passed away on August 23.

“One of Duncan’s lifetime wishes was always to have his own fashion line. He felt like he could bring structured shirt collars and well-fitting trousers to the world and was going to call his clothing line Lucky Coin.

“I want to bring Lucky Coin Clothing to life and have all the menswear section of CrohnieClothing dedicated to my hero of a big brother.

“The plan is for there to be 10-15 key pieces per season for men and women but these will have customisable options, like lace over necklines or longer hems to hide scars, bamboo cotton for sensitive skin or those who have burns or eczema.

“The clothes will also include elasticated parts of waistbands to expand with colostomy/ileostomys/urostomys.” Jennifer is hoping to raise £5,000 to turn the Lucky Coin fashion venture into a reality. She said that any profits made by Lucky Coin will then be put into a charity fund.

She said: “Since Duncan could potentially have had more of a fighting chance if he could have been diagnosed early, any profits made by Lucky Coin for CrohnieClothing will be put into a fund in Duncan’s name for people who are in need of an endoscopy, so we can try and give them a better chance at a long life.

“With this disease early diagnosis is crucial and we don’t want other families going through what we have.” To support Jennifer visit:; or see