CLYDEBANK Rotary Club has announced the election of its new president.

Colin Ashwood received the chains of office from previous incumbent, John Morrow, at a recent meeting of the local organisation in Clydebank and District Golf Club.

Reflecting on his election, the 50-year-old told the Post: “I’m very excited and looking forward to the year ahead.

“It is something I have thought long and hard about. There is a lot of responsibility involved but I look forward to the next 12 months immensely.” Mr Ashwood is no stranger to Clydebank, having served as the human resources manager at St Margaret of Scotland Hospice since 2004.

He said the 11 years spent working in the town have given him a sound knowledge of the issues which affect people in Clydebank and the ways in which the Rotary Club can hopefully assist.

“I have seen a lot of progress in Clydebank over the past few years but there is plenty more to be done,” Mr Ashwood explained.

“I want us to consider how best we can support local charities. Another issue that is extremely important to me is getting young people into work so I’ll be looking at ways in which the Rotary Club can help.

“I am keen that we work along with any like-minded organisations to try and achieve this.

“Our role is tremendously important in the local community; we are one of the biggest charities.” Completing his term as president for 2014 / 2015 was John Morrow. He said: “I’ve had a fantastic year in the role, and I’m delighted we have been able to support so many worthy organisations in that time.

“It has been great fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I would like to wish Colin all the best for the year ahead. Of course, I’ll be on hand to help out in any way I can but Colin will be a tremendous ambassador for Clydebank Rotary Club.” Paying tribute to his predecessor, Mr Ashwood said: “There’s a long tradition of effective and involved fundraising from Clydebank Rotary for the local community.

“John has been a great mentor and continued to encourage and give advice on what the role entails which will continue to be of great benefit in the weeks and months ahead.” Anyone looking to find out more information about the work of Clydebank Rotary Club can log on to the organisation’s website:

Clydebank Rotary Club meets on Friday afternoons at 1pm in Clydebank and District Golf Club.

The organisation works with local charities and volunteers as part of its efforts to support good causes. These range from helping at food banks, assisting those affected by flooding, fundraising for local hospices, organising sports tournaments for disabled youngsters and running memory cafés.

Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland also work directly with clubs in disaster hit areas across the world to assess what aid is needed, ensuring money raised goes directly to those in need.

Projects range from providing water and sanitation, disease prevention, literacy projects, education, building schools, hospitals, water wells and growing local economies through sustainable development.