Labour incumbents Gemma Doyle, MP for West Dunbartonshire, and John Robertson, MP for Glasgow North West, have both been overtaken by SNP rivals, according to the survey.

Gemma Doyle is trailing nine points behind the SNP, who last Wednesday selected Glasgow City councillor Martin Docherty to run against her.

And in Glasgow North West, John Robertson has fallen six points behind physics teacher Carol Monaghan, the SNP candidate.

It follows a national poll on 16 constituencies with high yes votes from the independence referendum of around 1,000 people each. A total of 16,000 people across Scotland took part in the survey, which was commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

SNP candidate for Glasgow North West, Carol Monaghan, said: “This poll shows what we have known for a while; the electoral landscape in Scotland is changing. We have a revitalised electorate who are looking very carefully at what different parties and politicians have done for them.” She added: “The SNP’s priorities are healthcare, education, childcare and establishing the living wage. These issues are key across Scotland and demonstrate a party that is committed to bettering the lives of the people of Scotland rather than squandering money on weapons of mass destruction.” The sixteen polls show an overall swing to the SNP of about 25 per cent with West Dunbartonshire and Glasgow North West appearing to favour a Labour-SNP coalition at Westminster.

Defending her position, Gemma Doyle MP said: “This poll shows that we’ve got some hard work to do between now and the election, but I will be fighting for every vote in the run up to polling day.

“I know that people in West Dunbartonshire want change. We’re all fed up of the Tories who have done nothing but make life harder.

“Every vote counts in May but it’s a simple fact that it’s the party with the most seats that gets to form the government. A vote for the SNP makes it more likely we will have five more years of Cameron and his cronies, and I know that’s not what people want.” Martin Docherty, who currently represents the Anderston Ward for Glasgow City Council, has been selected to run for West Dunbartonshire.

He said:“It’s clear that Gemma Doyle is already paying the price for her decision to work shoulder to shoulder locally with the Tories during the referendum campaign and for voting in favour of the further £30 billion of austerity cuts proposed by George Osborne which are hurting people in communities across West Dunbartonshire.

“People in our area want an alternative to the Westminster establishment’s commitment to austerity — and don’t want to see another £100 billion wasted on weapons of mass destruction. That is why we need the real clout for Scotland that only a strong team of SNP MPs can deliver – to be a real force for change.” John Robertson, long-standing MP since 2000, first ran for Glasgow Anniesland before it was turned into Glasgow North West.

A spokesman for the 62-year-old politician told the Post: “Our position is very simple — it’s not a good poll for us. But by the same token, we’ve seen things in the last few weeks starting to move in our direction. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us and we’re not taking any vote for granted, we never have taken any vote for granted.

“We’re going to fight till 10pm on May 7 to make sure we can put across the message that only we can get rid of the Bedroom Tax, reduce energy prices and deliver the change we need to see.

“At the end of the day it’s a fight over who is going to be in Number 10 — David Cameron versus Ed Miliband. When we look at the damage that’s been done over the last five years, we don’t want to risk another five years of David Cameron.” ASHCROFT POLL SHOWS NATIONALIST SWING THE recent poll has predicted a huge swing in votes ahead of May’s General Election.

The poll, led by Lord Ashcroft, a political researcher and Conservative peer, analysed 16,000 people across Scotland in 16 constituencies.

Most of these were high Yes vote regions in the referendum and are at the moment held by Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

His research is considered across the political spectrum to be objective and worthy of attention.

After telephone polls of 1,000 people in both West Dunbartonshire and Glasgow North West, the regions appear to be facing a political shake-up in May.

West Dunbartonshire — Gemma Doyle (Labour) Conservative 6% Labour 38% Liberal Democrat 1% UKIP 4% SNP 47% Green 2% Other 1% Glasgow North West — John Robertson (Labour) Conservative 7% Labour 38% Liberal Democrat 3% UKIP 2% SNP 44% Green 5% Other 1%