The event, hosted by the Scottish Socialist Party, took place in John Brown’s Bar and organisers appealed to members of the public to demand that all but defence and foreign affairs are handled by the Scottish Government.

Speakers challenged the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems to hold true to “The Vow” they made before the independence referendum and follow through on more powers for Scotland.

Billed as ‘Unite Against the Tories’ War on the Working Class — Demand the Powers to Transform our Lives’, the public meeting was part of a wider campaign around the west of Scotland.

SSP West of Scotland regional organiser Richie Venton said: “During the referendum we warned of the horrendous consequences of continued Westminster rule, by and for the rich.

“But the Tories didn’t even wait a week before launching an all-out class war on workers and communities through cuts to benefits, pay, jobs, services and human rights.” He added: “The public meeting last night was part of a series going on across the west of Scotland.

“We will be continuing to campaign around the town and build on our branch here to fight against the ruthless Tory class war.”