William Crawford was part of a savage prison mob who set about Imran “Baldy” Shahid as he worked out on a rowing machine in a gym at Kilmarnock nick in February.

Shahid was convicted of the horrific abduction and murder of 15-year-old Kriss Donald in 2004.

Shahid, who is now 36, targeted Kriss because he was white. He and his accomplices bundled the teenager into a car and drove him around Scotland for hours before stabbing him repeatedly and then setting the blood-soaked boy on fire.

Now serving a minimum of 25 years for the shocking crime, Shahid has become a target for other violent cons and last week Crawford appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court after admitting to assaulting Shahid.

The mother of Scott Adams, who was stabbed to death by Crawford three years ago in Duntocher, says no-one should be fooled into thinking her son’s killer is any better than repulsive Shahid.

Eileen, 48, said: “My heart goes out to the family of Kriss Donald because I know what it’s like to lose a son. I can understand they wouldn’t feel any sympathy for the man who killed their son and they are probably glad to see him suffering. But that doesn’t make Scott’s killer a hero. He’s no better than any other murderer. In fact he’s nothing but scum.” In a tragic twist to Eileen’s story her husband Billy took his own life as he couldn’t bear to be without their one and only son. Billy, 51, had battled severe depression following the loss of Scott and in April this year, almost three years after Crawford plunged a knife into the 20-year-old’s chest, the grieving mother had to lay her husband to rest alongside Scott at New Dalnottar Cemetery.

Since then she has been slowly trying to get her life back together but Crawford’s latest act of violence has brought the horror and grief thundering back to the forefront of her mind.

When Crawford appeared in court last week, Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said Shahid was training in the gym with fellow prisoner Bernard Bisset on the night Crawford pounced.

He said: “Imran Shahid was using a rowing machine when Crawford lifted a 15kg weight.

“He lifted the weight above his head and then struck the top of Shahid’s head from behind, knocking him onto the floor. Crawford then threw the weight onto Shahid’s chest before stamping on him as he lay motionless. Other prisoners armed with metal poles repeatedly struck Shahid.” When Bisset tried to intervene, he was chased to the other side of the gym and attacked.

Shahid was taken to Crosshouse Hospital, where he was found to have potentially life-threatening neck and spine injuries.

Doctors said Shahid, who needed surgery and wore a collar for 12 weeks, only survived due to his “extreme muscular build”. He suffered a fractured jaw and cheekbone, shattered teeth and cuts, bruises and swelling to his face and head.

Crawford admitted attacking Shahid to his severe injury and danger of life. He also admitted punching and kicking Bisset repeatedly on the head and body and striking him repeatedly with metal bars.

Sentence was deferred but Eileen has already decided what Crawford’s fate should be.

She said: “I don’t think he should ever be released from prison. If he’s capable of carrying such a violent attack when he is under lock and key what would he be capable of if he’s ever allowed back on the streets. When he killed Scott he had only been released from prison for about three weeks after serving time for stabbing a man.

“He was out on license but that didn’t stop him from killing my son and destroying our lives. My husband Billy is also one of his victims.

“I can’t believe it’s possible a guy who is serving life for murder can go on to commit another serious crime when he is inside. It feels like the justice system has let us down again.

“We’ve been trying to piece our lives back together but this has brought everything back to the surface. The pain never goes away but we’ve been trying to move forward and then this happens. I felt physically sick when his name came up again. I hope never gets released.”