DALMUIR residents have angrily slammed plans for two giant 15 metre (50 feet) mobile phone towers in the area, calling them "disgraceful."

VodaFone wants to erect two telecommunications masts in the heart of the community to boost 3G Network coverage across Clydebank.

They want to site two masts in close proximity to each with one proposed for Dunn Street and the other planned for Park Road.

But raging householders slated them as "eyesores" and "blots on the landscape" with many residents saying there are enough phone masts in the area already.

Danny Lennie, from Dalmuir Tenants and Residents Association, said: "There are enough masts already sited in the surrounding area. If this goes ahead it is shocking.

"I looked into masts the last time they tried to erect them I discovered you are unable to object to them on health and safety grounds.

"It is crazy they are thinking of allowing this to go ahead. There is nothing to prove that they are dangerous but there is nothing to say they aren't either. We were told 50 years ago that asbestos was perfectly safe and look at the problems that especially people in Clydebank are facing now with that stuff."

Public anxiety about exposure to a rash of transmitters has grown because the number of handsets has shot up to more than 70 million in the UK.

People fear exposure to low frequency radiation over long periods may trigger health problems. However, a series of scientific studies has shown NO adverse effect to public's health from masts.

But Mr Lennie said area people are against siting the towers in the middle of residential areas.

He added: "Countries such as the USA, Sweden and Norway don't allow these things in residential areas and there must be a reason for it so why are the people of Clydebank going to have to worry about so many in the one area?"

"There will be something like five masts in about five minutes walk of each other which will be an eyesore for the local community. London estimate they will need a mast every 120 metres in about 30 years time but this is Clydebank not London and there is no reason for the amount of masts we have already."

To view the application householders can access it via West Dunbartonshire Council's website or visit the authority's offices.