A WOMAN saved a man she had never met from possible facial paralysis - through the internet site Twitter.

Marj Beattie recognised the possible early symptoms of debilitating Bell's Palsy in details given in Patrick Johnson's short message on the networking site.

The Old Kilpatrick woman quickly replied to tweeter Patrick warning him of the danger and he rushed to hospital - where medics amazingly confirmed Marj's prognosis.

And luckily for him, they had caught it in time to treat the long term effects.

Marj - a virtual secretary who works for clients from her home - says the episode shows the growing global power of the online phenomenon.

This week Marj told the Post how the medical drama unfolded.

She said: "Patrick, who I follow on Twitter, tweeted to say that he didn't feel right - the side of his face was numb like a stroke.

"I got a bit worried and replied saying he should get to hospital as it could be Bell's Palsy." Patrick, a graphic designer from Cornwall in the south of England, took himself to Accident and Emergency and two hours later had it confirmed he was suffering from the nerve dysfunction that can paralyse one half of the face if left untreated.

You can follow Marj's Twitter @Secretary4hire and read her blog on her medical intervention at www.secretary4hire.wordpress.com.

Patrick's Twitter is @PMJTweets.