St Andrew's High school has been left in a 'dangerous' condition following two arson attacks in the space of four days.

The building - which until a year ago was a functioning school - was set on alight at around 9pm on Saturday May 29 and then again at 7.30pm on Wednesday June 2.

Reports said that the second blaze could be seen as far away as Scotstoun.

Councillors had already voted to knock the school down but that process will now begin sooner - and a demolition company was handed control of the site on Friday.

One eye witness told the Post about the extent of the fire.

He said: "As I was driving towards the school I was shocked by the amount of smoke billowing from the building.

"There were crowds of people watching it and I think everybody was surprised by the size of the fire.

"There was one fire engine that I saw.

"I could see a few flames, but not much.

"Smoke was coming through the roof and from what I could see the roof might have caved in because not all that smoke could have come out of the windows." A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: "[The council] has instructed the urgent demolition of the building.

"An inspection by Building Standards officers who visited the site have declared the buildings are dangerous and should be demolished immediately.

"Reigart Contracts Ltd took possession of the site on Friday June 4 to immediately make the area safe and secure and to commence demolition works with immediate effect. Any unauthorised persons entering the building continued to be a major concern and in recognition of the fact that there is a resultant increased danger to life and property, the chief executive has invoked his delegated authority to appoint the demolition contractor with immediate effect."