A singer and musician has penned a song he hopes can be released as a charity single for the Erskine Bridge memorial garden.

Jim Byrne, 47, was approached about writing a song by Ann Morgan who is heading up the project to create a community butterfly garden in memory of those who have taken their lives from the Erskine Bridge.

Jim and his wife Pat, both from Old Kilpatrick, were friends of Ann's partner Hamish Murdoch who sadly ended his own life at the bridge a number of years ago.

The song is called 'Can't Catch the Butterfly' and is supposed to be an uplifting, comforting tune for people who have lost loved ones.

Much of the song reflects on the idea that a butterfly's life is "short but beautiful", but there are also sections dedicated to the memory of Hamish.

Jim told the Post: "Pat and I both come from Old Kilpatrick and I've been playing at the fundraising nights for the garden in the Ettrick.

"It was there that Ann asked me.

"It was quite a difficult thing to write about so the song is quite abstract.

"Half the single is about the general idea and half is about remembering Hamish.

"It's supposed to be quite a positive song.

"The idea is that it can comfort somebody whose loved one has taken their life at the Erskine Bridge or who has committed suicide in some other way.

"It's not a depressing song.

"People request the song at the Ettrick nights and some people get quite emotional.

"At some point when we have got together all the folk that want to sing on it then we will release it as a single.

"Hopefully it will raise awareness and money for the problem at the bridge.

"It's hard for me to put myself in the position of someone who has lost a loved one but I think a memorial garden is a good idea.

"People who have been through it can get together and I'm sure there's a certain amount of support in that." Anyone wanting to hear the song can listen at www.songsbyjimbyrne.com.

The next fundraising night for the butterfly garden is being held in the Ettrick on December 14 from 7pm.