A TEENAGE gang member was caught taunting a rival group with a weapon at a notorious battleground.

Darren Downie was part of a group of youths confronting rivals at the Drumry roundabout - which is known to be a hot spot for trouble between warring gangs from Clydebank and Drumchapel.

A police officer was driving along the Boulevard at 9.50pm on a Saturday night when he noticed the two groups goading each other into a fight, Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on Thursday.

Sheila McDermid, fiscal depute, said that after calling for back-up, cops went to break up the stand-off.

She said: 'When the police witnesses arrived to deal with the situation, [Downie] had his back to them and was clearly shouting to the other group and was brandishing a large half brick above his head.' Downie pled guilty to breaching the peace by shouting and swearing and possessing an offensive weapon at Drumry roundabout on December 15, 2007.

The 17-year-old"s lawyer, Eugene Boyle, was not required to address the court further on the matter after Sheriff Rajni Swanney told him that she had already considered a suitable sentence for the youngster. She said: 'I"m satisfied I can offer probation as a direct alternative to custody.

'But it means I"m keeping an eye on you.' Downie, of 9 Jean Armour Drive, Drumry, was placed on probation for 12 months.

Just last month 11 gang members were arrested - as reported in the Post - in connection with forming a disorderly crowd and engaging in gang fighting at parts of Kirkoswald Drive, in Drumry, and Drumry Road East, in Drumchapel.

All of the people arrested in the early morning swoop were aged between 13 and 18 - with nine of the youngsters from Clydebank.

And at the start of April five "tooled-up" teenagers were arrested for mobbing and rioting at the same trouble spot, despite a CCTV camera already installed at the site in an attempt to curb the ongoing violence.