Heather Dickson is delighted to announce the first single Harley Honey from her stunning new EP, which was produced in Nashville, USA.

Songstress Heather hails from Scotland and was thrilled to travel to the heart of country music to record her latest material which she self-funded.

Having previously recorded softer, country material, this time, Heather is back with an edgier sound and a brand new image in a bid to finally take her place in the music charts.

Wanting only the best for this song, she was able to have some of Nashville’s finest musicians play on it.

She said: "Recording at Midtown Studio, Nashville was the most incredible experience for me. The musicians were simply world class.

"Getting behind the mic and singing my heart out with such distinguished musicians was the best musical experience an artist can hope for. I had to pinch myself as I sang every word.

"I soaked it all in like a sponge and the whole vibe made me raise my game. I genuinely sang my socks off. Being in Nashville felt like coming home. My heart and soul will forever be in rock and roll."

Now she hopes to share her passion and her edgy rock/country sound with her growing army of fans in the UK and around the world.

Harley Honey is available from cdbaby.com and to download on Amazon and iTunes from October 22.