The Bankie boys are set to take to the stage at the newly-built Hydro on December 19, in the final gig of their greatest hits tour.

As well as getting set for the tour — which kicks off in Dublin on December 5 — the popular group is launching a new single as well as the ‘Step By Step — The Greatest Hits’ album, which is released on November 25.

The Post caught up with the singer and guitarist last week and he admits he is like a kid at Christmas — waiting for the big day when the group gets back on stage and works its magic in front of sold out crowds.

Speaking exclusively to the Post, Graeme said: “We are all really looking forward to getting back onto the stage but it is a hectic time. I actually wish I could clone myself. We have that much going on but this is why we joined as a band, to play music and it is great being back with the boys.

“There is nothing better than going round the country with your mates and playing music to packed crowds.

“Things are a lot different to when we started out. There is a lot more water getting taken these days than years gone by that is for sure and we might need a zimmer frame or two in the near future.

“But in all seriousness, it has been great to be around the lads again and doing what we love. It is like riding a bike, once you get back on you never forget what it was like.

“I can’t express how much I love my job and I think we all feel like that.

“There is nothing better than playing your home town at Christmas time and we are excited.

“Music has always been in my life and when you look back at the old songs it gives you a great feeling. Some of the new songs will be getting played so it is really an exciting time.

“The new venue looks great which should make it a great night for not only the fans but us too.” The new album will be a must have for fans of the band as it is jam-packed with 17 hits, from 1987’s ‘Wishing I Was Lucky’ through ‘Goodnight Girl’ in 1991 to ‘Julia Says’ from 1995’s Picture This. The album also features three brand new tracks. ‘Playin’ Like A Kid’, ‘Sad Kinda Love’ and the new single ‘Step By Step’ and Graeme admits the group are thrilled to be launching new material.

He added: “We have been in the studio and we are getting set to start a lot of rehearsing to make sure we are ready to do the tour.

“Step by Step has all the elements of a Wets’ track. When we got together we all felt that it had a freshness and there was a bit of magic in there and we are thrilled how it has turned out.

“I hate saying it but it ticked all the boxes and we just hope the fans like it.

“We have all had our own solo things going on this year and it has been really busy but we are all really up for the chance to get back working together.

“I love doing my own stuff and it gives me a certain sense of freedom, but getting back with the boys is also a pleasure. We are really lucky that we are all getting to do the thing we love most in the world and it lets us fulfil our boyhood dreams.” The responsibility of creating a smash hit sometimes falls to one or two members of most bands, but Graeme believes part of the Wets’ success is the fact that everyone plays a part on the tracks they write.

And he reckons the fact they are close pals allows them to be brutally honest with each other when it comes to their music.

He said: “When it came to the new stuff all the boys had an input towards it and it was a team effort. Everyone has to be involved and I think that is why we work.

“We have had a great relationship and we know that we can be totally honest with each other.

“We got round the table to let each other have their say and that helps bring more character to the record because we all have had a big part to play in it.

“If you have that relationship with people it is easy to come up with ideas.

“You sit and you can call things what they are. You can be up front and tell people if you don’t like something and that in music is crucial. “When we split up all those years ago, I was asked to play with other bands but I knew it wouldn’t be the same as what I had with the rest of the boys and we really can’t wait to be doing our thing come December 19.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRAEME admits the latest news of job losses on the Clydeside was devastating for the area and he believes it is the late 70s and early 80s repeating themselves.

He said: “I am really lucky that I can get up in the morning and try and write something for a living. When you see what has happened in the ship building world in the last few weeks then it makes you appreciate what you have a lot more.

“I don’t have to worry about my job and where the money is going to come from but these workers will be really concerned for their futures now.

“It reminds me about when I left school with the way things are going on and people were being let go on the Clyde. It is like it is going round in circles in the fact that people are losing their jobs, just like they did all those years ago.

“When you hear that news it makes you think how lucky you are really are in getting to do something you really love for a living.”