Live on the Loch TV, is a Youtube channel and web magazine, which will combine local talent with the scenic backdrop of the Loch Lomond.

The project is the brainchild of Roddy McKenzie and Craig Hollywood from Vale band The Icelandic Revolution.

Roddy spoke to the Post about their mission.

He said: “What we’re trying to do is promote the arts and up and coming acts — anything and everything that can use that platform to promote themselves.

“Obviously in the first place we are promoting bands but eventually we are going to look at other things as well. We have got most of the local bands involved and doing something for it — it’s all bands that have reached the stage where they have something to promote whether that’s an EP or they are touring.

“There’s a gap in the market for acts from Loch Lomond — acts can be promoted in such a way that it can benefit Loch Lomond as well, in terms of where we film.” Roddy says there has already been overwhelming interest in the project, thanks in part to the thriving music scene that already exists in the area.

He continued: “I’d say we have between five and 10 acts sending in material each day — there’s some really interesting people wanting to get involved.

“We’ve now extended it to anybody who sends in their material as long as they’re available and want to take the next step.

“We’re not just trying to get the next big indie act. there’s different areas that we’re looking at as well, all different kinds of acts.” Roddy is keen to point out the project is not just about promoting the acts, a big part of it is also giving budding journalists and film makers the opportunity to get experience.

He continued: “What I want to have is a conveyor belt of talent that can work on the project.

“A number of local people who do it for a living are getting involved and once it’s off the ground, we’ll speak to the colleges and unis that have media courses.

“It’s not just about what’s in front of the camera but what’s behind the scenes as well. It’s been really encouraging the interest we have had so far.

“I’m looking at sponsors for the project just now but obviously most of them want to see content first so it’s just getting that sorted in the next few weeks, hopefully from there the momentum will continue. We’re just trying to find the right way to launch it.” You can find out more about Live on the Loch TV including how to contact Roddy at