THINGS have been going from strength to strength for Clydebank band The Iqons. Made up of lead singer and bassist Wallis Davidson, Scott Galloway on vocals and guitar, Jordan Crawley on guitar and synth and drummer Terry McGinley, the tightknit rockers are set for big things.

With a mix of influences including The Cure and AFI, the power pop group are set to take to the stage in Glasgow's famous Oran Mor on Saturday, June 29.

And having already played at several music festivals across the country and working on their album, there are exciting things on the horizon for the band which formed in Clydebank High School six years ago.

This week, Livebank caught up with front woman Wallis, 23, to find out what's new with The Iqons.

"Things have been going really well," the songstress revealed.

"Our current plans include putting together and finalising our first album which is really exciting.

"And having had three releases already through Kittiwake Records, with last single 'These are not the Droids you are looking for' picking up some interesting air-play with independent radio stations, both at home and abroad in places like USA, Canada, and Australia we're excited to bring on the tour offers.

"I'm really looking forward to the show at Oran Mor for a several different reasons.

"It was through one of our early shows there that Kittiwake first reached out to us, and it's pretty cool to be on same label as bands like The Winter Tradition and Song of Return, but also because we'll be joining No Fxd Abode in a wee bit of a party for them going off on tour.

"Then there's the fact that it's just one of the best venues we have in town, their management just seem able to pull some of the best up-and-coming acts, many of them just on the break of national recognition."

She joked: "Our pre-show ritual before Oran Mor will involve nailing all of Terry's drum hardware to the stage, as there's invariably some part of it winds up in the audience, behind the bar, or at the feet of Jordan, Scott and I. We'll probably play him the video for Let it Go through Kittiwake's web-site to remind him what restraint means, but I know it won't work."

Following their gig on Saturday, June 29, the band are set to enjoy a well earned rest.

Wallis added: "After the gig we'll be having a bit of a rest. We recently opened at the Perth International Festival and Montrose Music Festival and gigging in venues from Aberdeen, to Edinburgh, Saltcoats to Cumbernauld, we need to take some time-out to complete the last couple of tracks for the album."

And the singer has some top advice for aspiring Bankie musicians.

She said: "If you're in a band just have fun, enjoy what you're doing and get out and play to folk. If you're not in a band? Just get out there and start one up - you'll love it."

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