If Disney's incredible theme parks haven't been designated World Heritage Sites by now there must be thousands of people who'd argue they should be - because fabulous creations including Islands of Adventure and SeaWorld are utterly unique.

Disney holidays are so famous that it's practically axiomatic that anyone planning a visit will treat it quite unlike any other family holiday - and in many cases will organise it, sometimes two years in advance, as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All the more reason, then, to examine the elaborate options available and spend plenty of time making sure every minute of that rather special trip is enjoyed to the full.

And to do this there is obviously a broad range of options to consider, with most families tending to stay in Orlando for between ten days and three weeks and perhaps also taking in Tampa before returning home.

Walt Disney World itself offers passes for seven, 14 and 21 days, which is a major economy compared to day-by-day entry for anyone aiming to make numerous visits during their holiday.

You'll also find a fairly lengthy stay doesn't have to be commensurately much more expensive, as accommodation is keenly priced in order to encourage people to take longer holidays.

Walt Disney World could easily form a complete holiday all by itself - it is an inexhaustible source of magic, wonder and exhilaration - but some visitors will also aim to enjoy the spectacle and experience of other Disney parks, such as the world-famous Universal Studios.

However there are some added inducements to make the most of Walt Disney World this year, with new attractions this year including New Fantasyland, the largest expansion yet to the Magic Kingdom.

It is an ethereal adventure-land in which the Enchanted Forest is home to Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid, and where you can plunge beneath the waves to explore Prince Eric's castle.

Little girls everywhere will be agog with delight at the fairyland splendour of Fantasyland - where beautiful princesses meet their subjects in sumptuous royal courts.

For a taste of backwoods heritage magic, by contrast, established theme park Tom Sawyer Island allows children to "run wild" safely - while exploring the exciting world of Caribbean Pirates, and enjoying too many other adventures to mention.

It probably goes without saying, meanwhile, that face to face meetings with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, generally over a hearty American breakfast, are as huge a favourite as ever.

There are dazzling grand parades, too, and jaw-dropping firework displays in the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular - hosted by characters including Pinocchio, and featuring all-time favourites such as Peter Pan.

With this and potentially much more besides to enjoy, it's obvious some careful advance planning will help Disney-goers ensure they're able to collect the sort of vivid and happy memories, almost literally magical, that never fade with time.