TICKLING funny bones comes as second nature to Clydebank comedian and writer Tom Brogan. The 41-year-old joker from Radnor Park has been on a mission to make audiences laugh for the last 10 years and is proud to launch his new comedy play for the first time at the Glasgow Comedy Festival this week.

The new show, Great Lengths tells the tale of an unlikely duo who stumble across each other in their hour of need following relationship breakdowns.

Ben just wants to get away for a few days and forget that he's been chucked and Katy wants to be alone for the weekend and forget about the boyfriend she's ditched - they didn't count on having each other for company.

Written and directed by Tom and starring Natalie Clark and James Keenan, Great Lengths is a touching play about how far we'll go to get someone into our life and how far we'll go to keep someone out.

"This is the first time I've ever had a play in the Glasgow Comedy Festival," Tom revealed to Livebank.

"The whole story is really about love and relationships, being in your 30s and trying to decide whether you want to be with someone or not.

"Over the course of an hour these two characters, who have different ideas about what they want, help each other out.

"The story is based on personal relationships in a way - there's a nugget of truth but the rest is just fiction that allowed me to take the characters further and evolve the story." He continued: "I think that stuff that comes from real life works well and people feel like they can relate to it more. I think that the audience can connect with characters if they watch something that they have experienced themselves." Tom began his comedy journey 10 years ago after signing up to a night class at Strathclyde University while he was looking for work and hasn't looked back since.

From writing sketch shows for radio and comedy festivals across the country, including the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe, the joker also appeared in the first series of the popular Limmy Show.

Tom added: "I have enjoyed the last 10 years. This is the first play that I have ever put on for the Glasgow Comedy Festival - I've done sketch shows and things like that - but this is the first play I've directed for the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

"I'm a little nervous about it, but once the lights go down then there's nothing you can do and it's all out of your hands." And the Clydebank funny-man has some top advice for aspiring Bankie comedians or writers.

"If you are interested in getting involved in comedy or writing your own plays or sketches - just give it a go.

"I would say that you just need to get up and do it yourself. A good way to do it is to get a group of friends and write and film something or even just write it down and read it out loud together. Chances are if it amuses you it will amuse someone else.

"My family and friends have been supportive of my work and that's been great and I'm looking forward to writing more in the future.

"Laughing and joking around really is the best job in the world." Check out Great Lengths at The Old Hairdressers in Renfield Lane, Glasgow on Wednesday March 27 and Thursday March 28.

Tickets cost �6 or �5 concessions and are available at the door of the venue.