FROM performing alongside a troupe of gorgeous singers and dancers to taking to the stage on her own - Roberta Childs is a popular face on the Clydebank gig circuit. The stunning singer and tribute act star is a regular face in much-loved Bankie watering-holes such as the Village Tavern and McIntosh's Bar and loves nothing more than to make people dance on a night out.

She told Livebank: "I have always been interested in music and performing.

"I used to be a recording artist and recorded a few songs then, when I lost my record deal I didn't really know what to do next.

"I missed singing and so I decided to audition for a Girls Aloud tribute act and was over the moon when I got in." After performing with Girls Are Loud/The Charms for a number of years, Roberta made the decision to not only go solo, but also to study for a musical theatre degree at the University of the West of Scotland.

And after graduating last summer, things have been going from strength to strength for the talented beauty.

As well as performing as a cabaret star, Roberta also takes to the stage as part of a Madonna, Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston tribute act.

She added: "I loved being in the and I really enjoyed my time with the other girls but I am loving doing some solo stuff.

"I have been doing solo stuff for the past three years and it's fantastic. I like being on stage with a band but there is so much potential as a solo artist which is good for me at the moment.

"I'm loving doing my tribute act shows and when I do my cabaret show I sing chart songs and try to give people a really good night - I like to get people dancing.

"I love Motown and soul music - deep down I think that there is a Tina Turner diva inside of me." However, despite being a superstar on stage, Roberta isn't so out going in her day to day life but believes that Clydebank crowds help get over her nerves.

"It's funny because when you meet me I'm quite shy and won't speak to a lot of people but I'm totally different on stage - I'm so much more confident with a microphone in my hand," she revealed.

"I play in Clydebank quite a lot and I always have a good night.

"Bankie crowds are fantastic and when people ask where I like to play most I always say Clydebank and Aberdeen.

"People from Clydebank are always up for a laugh and are really friendly. They always get up and dance and are always there to help when I'm carrying my equipment into pubs." And Roberta has some sound advice for anyone interested in performing in their local area and beyond.

She said: "I think the best advice for someone who wants to get involved in the local music scene is to practice and hone your voice and importantly to listen to your audience.

"It's important to remember that it's not about the songs that you like, it's about what your audience wants to hear." Look out for Roberta playing in a pub near you this spring.