FROM studying for his up-coming Standard Grade exams to playing to crowds of hundreds of music revellers - it's a busy time for 14-year-old Jay Fitzpatrick. The dedicated young musician is turning heads as the lead guitarist of Status Quo tribute band Rockers Quoing alongside his (much) older band mates.

And while he might not be 'Rocking All Over the World' just yet, Jay and fellow members Peter Kelly, Duncan MacDonald and Scott Antico are making a good start by playing all over the country - including Clydebank.

"I love being part of Rockers Quoing," the third year pupil revealed to Livebank.

"We formed after we played together at a charity gig. We originally only planned to play one show together but it went so well that we decided that there was no way that we could stop.

"It's great playing music with other Status Quo fans and it's fun being the youngest. Sometimes the guys wind me up because I'm a teenager but it's a good laugh."

Having played in venues up and down the country, Jay, who began playing guitar at the age of six, is delighted to have the chance to play in front of an audience and the band is growing ever more popular in the Status Quo fan club community.

He continued: "We have played all over the UK which has been fantastic.

"We've played in Glasgow, Wales and lots of places down South.

"We have even played with Rhino the bass player from Status Quo which was just amazing. He said that we were a brilliant band which was a huge honour."

Jay became a Status Quo mum after hearing his mum's record collection as a child and have travelled far and wide to see his idols take to the stage.

"My mum was a Quo fan and I started listening to them when I was really young - I even went to my first gig when I was in P1.

"Lots of Status Quo fans know who we are and listen to our stuff and that's brilliant. It's all about having fun."

However, despite being a student by day, rock star at night, Jay's friends don't quite understand his passion for the older band.

"My friends don't know who Status Quo are," he laughed.

"But they think that it's cool that I play in a band and get to travel.

"I'm really looking forward to playing in Clydebank, we have never been there before and it's always exciting to play somewhere new."

Catch Rockers Quoing at Clydebank Golf Club on Saturday, April 13. For more information visit