LIKE most people, Graham Holley likes to hang out in the pub. However, instead of sitting and catching up with pals or watching the football, Graham takes to the stage to entertain crowds of people every single weekend.

From the Atlantis to John Brown's and the Villiage Tavern - the 46-year-old Whitecrook musician is a popular face on the pub entertainment circuit.

The singer and performer, who is a car delivery driver by day, loves nothing more than spending his weekend entertaining Bankies all across the town with chart hit after chart hit.

"I just love playing music," Graham told Livebank.

"I play in lots of different pubs across the area and like to play a variety of different songs and styles from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and recent stuff."

Always a keen musician, Graham planned on performing ever since he was a young teenager.

He continued: "I've been bands for around 20 years now and really enjoy performing live on stage.

"I started playing piano when I was in my early teens and then moved on to play guitar and bass - I really just wanted to play music.

"It has been a long road up until now, but I feel really lucky to be doing what I'm doing now. I love getting on stage and making sure that people have a good time.

"I don't really get nervous before I go on stage - I just worry about people enjoying themselves."

Graham has a eclectic taste in music - from Metallica to Motley Crue and Nirvana he is also a big fan of The Police, Sweedish House Mafia and Bruno Mars.

And from soulful 70s hits to current chart toppers, part of Graham's charm is that he is determined to try his utmost to please everyone in his audience.

He added: "I always like to be aware of the age range in my audience at times.

"It's important to be aware that the older people in the audience are not necessarily going to have the same tastes as younger people.

"I try to mix things up and I think that it's working - there always seems to be people dancing by the end of the night.

"It's always great when my friends and family come to one of my gigs too. It's a nice way to spend my weekends and I love it when they get up and dance - it's brilliant."