With the summer months almost within reach, are you finding yourself day dreaming about packing your bags and heading off to somewhere new?  If you have left it a little late to get a holiday booked don’t despair.

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There is no shortage of destinations that make for ideal getaways. Read on for our list of places that are either easy to get to, jam packed with reasons to visit or can offer great savings the later you leave it.

City breaks

You don’t need to get away from it all for a week or two to feel refreshed and like you have had the experience of a life time. A short city break can easily feed your wanderlust and give you memories you will be talking about for the rest of the year.

City breaks have the reputation for keeping you on the go, being surrounded by museums, world famous sightseeing spots and not shortage of places to eat and drink to keep you busy. Don’t forgot though, that the café culture in big cities also offers perfect people watching opportunities over a long lunch, brunch or dinner. Big cities also tend to have parks that form urban oasis’s that are the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Decide what you want from your getaway and plan accordingly.


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A city of canals and bike paths, this gorgeous spot is a favourite for holiday makers looking to get away without too much travel time. The laid back atmosphere is perfect for soaking up the culture and enjoying a relaxed approach to a city break. Opt for accommodation with a kitchen or kitchenette so you can take advantage of the local farmers markets to snap up and enjoy some local produce.

New York

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There is nowhere that epitomizes a city break quite like New York City! Whether you want to do some serious shopping, visit the cavalcade of museums or indulge in a spot of sightseeing at iconic sights like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Libert, you have come to the right place! Don’t forget to make time for Central Park to give yourself a break. Fly with Iceland Air and you can even work in an overnight stay in Reykjavik to make your city break a double whammy. 


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With well over 80 flights a week from Glasgow to Dublin, you can always be assured of finding a way to make it over to the Emerald Isle. Once you get there, indulge in Guinness till the wee small hours surrounded by traditional music that will leave your foot tapping and your heart singing. Dublin has so much more to offer than just pubs though! Hop a bus, bike or the DART for a visit to Howth. This gorgeous seaside town is home to some of the best, and freshest, seafood you will ever taste.


Sun holidays

If guaranteed sunshine is more your idea of the perfect holiday, you won’t want to miss these lastminute holiday destinations from Mark Warner where you can soak up the sun to your hearts content. Relax with a cocktail in hand or take a refreshing dip in the sea with these sun soaked destinations that will leave you wanting to book an extra week!


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If you love getting out on the water head to Foça in Turkey. This harbour town offer a perfect mix of traditional Turkish mariners who still use the harbour as a stop of for fishing expeditions and more modern water going pursuits. The waters in the sheltered bay make it an ideal spot to try out windsurfing for the first time or explore the coast line in a kayak. For more land based pursuits don’t forget to visit the Foça Bazaar where you can find almost anything!


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With a mix of mountains, beaches and towns jam packed with history there is no shortage of reasons to visit Corsica. Part of France, it has its own Mediterranean identity that takes influences from Italy and Greece as well as the French mainland. Nature lovers wont want to miss the Scandola Nature Reserve, home to golden eagles, ospreys and much more. If the sea calls to you, the wind conditions are perfect for a spot of sailing or simply paddling in the crystal clear waters. 


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If settling down on the beach for the day is your idea of paradise, make Sardinia your last minute getaway of choice. With vibrantly blue waters and stretches of white sandy beaches, you can be forgiven for thinking you have been dropped in the Caribbean.  For that tropical flavour, visit Costa del Sud where the silky sand will welcome you. If you are looking for something a bit more dramatic, try Costa Verde for impressive dunes and stunning waves.


Off Season locations

Looking to get the most bang for your buck this summer with a last minute holiday? You can make great savings on visiting places where the summer months are considered the off season. The perks of choosing an off season destination include cheaper prices on accommodation, less crowded sites and better availability for last minute bookings!

New Zealand

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June to August is winter in New Zealand making it a much cheaper option to travel to than normal. Temperatures tend to top out at around 12-15 °C. If you are in Queenstown, you can look forward to some of the driest weather in this gorgeous country during that time. If you are a skier or snowboarder, head to the more mountainous regions to get some practice in.

Key West, Florida

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While many holiday makers make Disney World Florida their summer destination, you can get a great deal by opting to visit Key West instead. Known for its coral reefs and party atmosphere, Key West is the part of the Florida Keys - a series of islands connected by impressive over sea motorways.  June to October is considered the off season due to the increased heat and chance of tropical rain storms. Use this quieter time to enjoy all that this amazing area has to offer, just be sure to make sure your accommodation has an air conditioner! Disney world is only a short 1 hour 30 minute flight away if you also want to visit the most magical place on earth too.  

South Africa

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If you have dreams of going on safari, consider a last minute getaway to South Africa. From May to August the weather is warm and dry and pleasantly cool at night. Many safari lodges offer discounts on stays during this time which can mean great savings for you, or the chance to upgrade to a plusher suite. If you are headed to the coast be prepared for wet weather which will be quite different to the sunny and dry inland areas.

With so much choice you might just find yourself booking multiple getaways! So, what are you waiting for?  Do your research, pack your bags and tell your boss you will be back next week.