A CLYDEBANK entrepreneur set to star in a new Amazon Prime reality show admits she picked up all her business skills whilst working at a Hardgate hotel.

Alison Edgar MBE will appear in the upcoming business show 'Ready Set StartUP’, which airs Wednesday, May 17, on the streaming service.

The Bankie - who grew up at Castle View on Radnor Street and went to Clydebank High - will be one of the industry experts on the show, mentoring contestants and sharing her expertise in sales, marketing, and business strategy and providing valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level.

And, speaking exclusively to the Clydebank Post, Alison credits her first job as a receptionist in a well-known Clydebank hotel when she left school as the place where she picked up all her business skills.

Speaking about the Hardgate House Hotel, also known as Cameron House, she said: “The Cameron family owned it at that time, and they took that big gamble on me to work as a receptionist there.

“It was one of the best things that ever happened in my life.

“I learned so much in that hotel because as a receptionist, every penny that comes through the bar - I used cash up the bars, I used to do the books, I used to MC weddings.

“I learned how to get on with people because you had people from all walks of life coming up to the hotel.

“That was how I was taught, from Clydebank High and from the Cameron House at Hardgate.

“I’m really proud to be from Clydebank.”

Before adding: “I talk about Clydebank in every talk.

“Mexico, North America, Australia, Singapore - I always lead in with Clydebank.”

Ready Set StartUP will see entrepreneurs battling tooth and nail for the opportunity to win a £100,000 investment into their company.

Over the course of six weeks, the contestants will undergo challenges that are designed to test their business acumen. They will be judged by a panel of incredible, yet intimidating judges – including Monzo founder, Tom Blomfield.

In a unique twist, the contestants will be mentored by a select group of industry experts throughout their journey in the programme, showing them how to approach the real world and how best to run their own start-up businesses.

Clydebank Post: The show starts on Amazon on May 17The show starts on Amazon on May 17 (Image: Alison Edgar)

And Alison - who was previously dubbed ‘The Entrepreneur’s Godmother – insists the show is a contemporary take on business reality and in tune with the present economic situation many face in the UK.

“See with this cost-of-living crisis, people are trying to bring in extra revenue to help against poverty,” she added.

“It’s the side hustle culture.

“A lot of people are setting up their wee side hustles.

“And there are great tips in the show that could help you start up your side hustle or help make your side hustle successful.”

Alison’s dad worked in John Brown’s Shipyard when she was younger and her mum cleaned the local schools.

And she thanked them for passing on the Bankie gene and work ethic as she forged a successful career in business, including authoring two international bestselling books and being a world-renowned motivational speaker.

“Coming from a family of grafters, it’s finding an opportunity and working hard to achieve it.

“And Bankies are all grafters.” she smiled.

The show will be available on Prime Video via Prime Video Direct in the UK from Wednesday, May 17.

If you want to keep up with Ready Set StartUP updates, head over to their Instagram @Readysetstartupuk.