Drumchapel boxer Jamie McGuire has hit out at the scoring of his Scottish title fight with Jordan McCorry, after his opponent was awarded a 98-93 victory on Saturday night.

The super-featherweight knocked his opponent down in the first round at the Paisley Lagoon Centre, with the fight turning scrappy after the third round.

Both fighters went out of the ring on one occasion, with McGuire being sent through the ropes on another.

But McGuire was bemused at how he lost the fight by so many points considering he knocked his opponent to the floor twice.

McGuire said: “I thought the decision was very poor to be honest with you. If I lost fair and square then fair enough, I don’t think I did.

“I dropped him twice so how can I lose by five or six rounds, it doesn’t really add up does it?

“After the third round it started to settle down a wee bit and I started picking him off and working him.

“He was throwing me, pushing me, headbutting me, grabbing me, threw me out the ring.

“My coach said I boxed well and he didn’t think the decision would go that way, but it did and that’s just the way it is. There’s not much you can do about it, it’s done now and you just need to get on with it. “ McGuire started off well and picked off his opponent whenever he could.

McCorry, who is now a two-weight Scottish belt holder, was rocked in the second round.

But the Drum boxer was unable to finish him off.

He added: “I should have finished him off, but it’s hard when someone’s fighting like he was.

“It was a scrappy fight, it wasn’t one of the best fights to be involved in, but it was a good one for the fans, they got their money’s worth.”

It was the first time the Drum boxer had fought over four rounds, making a huge jump to ten on Saturday for the title fight.

But he will now look to step up his next few fights to six and eight rounders to help build on his experience.

He said: “From about round seven on I struggled a wee bit, I don’t know if it was the occasion or the shots, everything in general.

“I dug deep, Ian [trainer] was saying that when I went back to my corner, he was saying this is when you need to dig deep and where you need to really start fighting.

“I thought I was fitter than what I actually was.

“I was speaking to the organisers and they said I should do some six and eight rounders, and a few tens at the end of next year.”

But first it’s some rest required for McGuire after an intensive period training for the title fight.

With four cuts to his face and stitches in both eyes it will be at least six weeks before McGuire looks to get back to sparring.

And with talk of a rematch after, McGuire was keen to have another chance to face McCorry.

He added: “My friends were saying he was one of the best fighters I’ve fought, but I didn’t think he was. I think he thought he was stronger and I don’t think technically he was a good boxer.

“He calls himself Bomb Squad, but his record doesn’t suggest that.

“If it’s a rematch I think it would be a better fight.

“I don’t think he trained properly for it, and thought he was coming to blast me out and walk over the top of me. Next time he’ll come for a boxing match rather than a slugfest.”

McGuire also thanked sponsors PF Boxing, the Peel Bar, Alex Black Funeral Care, the Hillview Inn and ALBA Promotions for their support.