DRUMCHAPEL super featherweight boxer Jamie McGuire will be challenging for a Scottish title on July 1.

The 28-year-old, whose record sits at 8-1-1, is challenging Jordan McCorry for the title – who’s professional record sits at 12-3-1.

McGuire will take on the Cambuslang fighter at the Paisley Lagoon Centre, and the Drum boxer can’t wait to show the world what he’s made of.

He said: “This is what I’ve been training for since I started boxing – it’s my time to shine.

“It’s a really hard fight, but it’s my time to show everybody what I can actually do.”

McGuire only started boxing when he was 17, and the progress he’s made has even surprised himself.

He added: “If you told me 10 years ago that I’m in the situation I’m in just now then I’d never ever have believed it.

“I went to the gym just to get fit and I tried out some sparring. It was just for a bit of fun and then getting into the ring was a great feeling, and I’ve loved it ever since.

“My dad used to box, and my mum’s uncles also fight, so it’s kind of in the blood, but I only started when I was late.

“I used to get beat up in my first couple of sessions, but I kept going, that was the most important thing.”

And the excitement has already reached the welterweight fighter, who still has under six weeks to go before the fight starts.

He said: “It feels really good, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just now talking about it.

“You usually get that a week or so before the fight but this is six weeks out and I’ve got them.

“It just shows how big a fight it is for me.”

The fight will be a big step up for McGuire, facing 10 rounds against his opponent McCorry, having only previously fought four round fights before.

But the Drumchapel man insists he will be fully fit for the fight, and it’s never been something that has worried him in his boxing career.

He added: “ It’s quite a big step up for me but I’ve been training and I will be training right up to the fight for it so I’ll definitely be ready for it. I’ve never worried about my fitness, I never have and I never will because I’m fit even when I’m not training, it makes it easier getting out of bed in the morning when you go for a run.

“And now obviously because I’ve got a title on the line you’re gonna get out of bed no problem to put in the work.”

McGuire also thanked sponsors PF Boxing, the Peel Bar, Alex Black Funeral Care and ALBA Promotions for their help.

For tickets contact Del McGuire on 07706 260365. Tickets start at £40 for unreserved, to £100 for VIP ringside seats.