DRUMCHAPEL boxer Jamie McGuire battled to a draw against Ally Black on Friday – and his opponent was a whole weight class above the 28-year-old.

McGuire’s original opponent Ignac Kassai from Hungary pulled out at the last minute.

This left the lightweight fighter with little options on such short notice, and he took the fight against Black at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

He said: “My opponent had his flights booked over from Hungary but he never turned up and nobody else would take the fight.

“He was a big puncher, he was a weight class above me.

“The opponent I was meant to fight was a Southpaw and a featherweight and I’ve fought an orthodox super lightweight – totally different.”

McGuire edged the first and third rounds against Black, but was wary not to get caught by his heavy punches, and had to alter his fighting style completely to counter his opponent.

He added: “The draw was about right, I was worried about his power and I was trying not to rush in.

“I couldn’t fight the way I normally do because he tagged me a few times and I was rocking – but I gave it a good go.

“Especially when he’s a big puncher, as I know Ally quite well.

“I feel as if I boxed well, I was a bit more cautious that if he tagged me there was a good chance I was going to get hard. He rocked me in the second round but other than that I was alright.”