THE two dimensional wasn't enough. Neither was three. And while we await virtual reality film experience, Scotland now has 4DX, with all five senses being “stimulated”.

The seats move, they punch you in the back, mist you with water when it’s raining on screen - really, it’s a drive through Glasgow on a Saturday night with the top down, or sometimes up.

Cineworld Glasgow is the first to bring the multi-sensory cinema to Scotland. At the premiere of DC's latest attempt to be Marvel, Suicide Squad was an adequate action movie, maybe a five out of 10 for script, acting, etc.

Justin Skinner, Cineworld's senior VP of marketing, said: "We want to compete against the small screen but also our competition out there. People come a long way to experience 4DX because it's so different. You feel like you're in the movie.

"In Scotland, there's a huge demand for cinema, but brands need to be continually innovating. You cannot just compete on big screens and good sound."

But we found 4DX distracting. The most obvious example: When Will Smith's Deadshot character is throttling a punching bag in prison, you get hit in the back.

Yet, I'm not a punching bag. So being put "in" the film doesn't seem quite right if you're both an observer and a participating inanimate object.

Air shoots past you as bullets fly. Lightning goes off in the room as on screen. You're supposed to smell burning rubber or gunpowder but the scents didn't seem to be used the first night.

My other half said: "It felt more like I was in some awkward fairground ride that kept prodding me.

"When I watch a film for the first time I like to turn off and just get absorbed by it - I couldn't do that here."

We are obviously not the target audience because even with a good action film or comedy, we need good scripts and characters, such as this summer's Ghostbusters flick. That was a visual spectacle that would not suit distracting scents.

Given tickets to 4DX are £16.70 (or £15.10 if you're registered with Cineworld online), this is one of two strands to cinema today: quality scripts, characters and casting, versus throwing everything at you to distract you from what's lacking in scripts, characters and casting (I'm looking at you Will Smith).