TRIPLE glazing is no good if you're lying out in the garden during the summer. Now, more than ever, for residents in Whitecrook and Linnvale living under the flight path aircraft noise is back on the agenda and we're angry about it.

It's blighting our lives and we don't think we should have to put up with it-it's about time something got done.

At this moment in time we think we deserve compensation and we feel both the airport and the flight operators must start contributing to our communities who are suffering as a result.

Joe Henry phoned the airport last week at 1.50am because between 11pm and 3am there was about six heavy planes coming in which woke residents up.

They phoned him back the next day and he told them to ask Amanda McMillan, the head of the airport, why she was allowing the planes to come in at that time.

There is supposed to be an arrangement that after 11pm they would only allow light aircraft.BAA are trying to sweep it under the carpet but this is our community and it is being treated disgracefully.

We went to see Gil Paterson the MSP and he's going to try and get it brought up in the Scottish Parliament and arrange for us to meet the appropriate minister to deal with this.

It's more or less saying there's one law for them and one for us.

If you make noise over a certain level at that time of the night you can be prosecuted, but if you're flying a plane you can't be touched.

There will be people who the planes don't bother but there's evidence from the World Health Organisation on the consequences of those affected by noise which proves it affects your quality of life.