WE told you how a family dog was found brutally stabbed nine times in a Clydebank street.

And Bankies were quick to tell of their disgust on our Facebook page. Here is what some of you said: Scott Walker: There's some right dirty swines out there.

Tony Friel: Sicko Danielle Jones: Disgusting!! Hope their found!

Samantha Stirling: Who even does this?

Kirsty Meikle: Absolutely sickening, some people disgust me. Kathleen Conway: Shocking!! hope they get the person/s who done it!

Amber Allan: This is vile!! Hope whoever done this gets found, disgusting.

Michelle Dubois: This is shocking what they done to my friends wee dog! Hope the police find them and my wee huni Lorraine can you justice... Some sick people who have taken a lovely pet away from its family.

Patricia Yates: Absolutely disgusting hope they get who did this as some one must know who did it and they should report them as its pathetic that a human could do such a thing to a defenceless animal.

Dougie Wilson: That estate is covered in CCTV cameras. Whoever done this will hopefully be caught on at least 1 of these. Some sick people around these days.

Lizbeth Thursby: It would help if the Police were interested. How long will it be before these freaks stop getting their kicks from torturing innocent pets & move on to other things?

Carol Warne: Oh my good that is awful.

Bernadette Kelly: Disgusting, how can a so called human being do this, couldnt even call them an animal, animals have more heart!

Karen Porter: Hopefully it's been seen on cctv Ross Tait: I agree Bernadette. Animals don't commit cruel acts,they only kill for survival or food, humans are much worse.

Kirsty Brown: This is so disturbing I hope the scum get caught.