Rangers hero Marvin Andrews has offered his services to help perform an exorcism on a haunted house.

The former Old Firm star offered to help rid the house of spirits after five nannies have been forced to flee in terror in just one year.

Dad Marvin, will conduct prayers and read bible passages with Pastor Joe Nwokoye in a bid to banish the ghosts from the property, located in the Scottish Borders.

He told The Sun: “We will go and help when the opportunity arises.

“There are different types of spirits, but in my experience anything problematic is usually linked to Satan."

“It’s the devil you are dealing with. In this case the spirit is obstructive, so it is a problem.”

Pastor Nwokoye, who is based at Zion Praise Centre International in Kirkcald, revealed Marvin is his assistant and the pair regularly attend haunted properties to clear them of spirits, and also travels the world curing people thought to be possessed by demons.

The couple who currently live at the house are searching for the next brave candidate to take care of their children for £50,000.

They blamed the departure of their last five nannies on spooky happenings in the "haunted" house, such as strange noises and moving furniture.

The family, who have two children aged five and seven, have not experienced any "supernatural happenings" themselves but said they are happy to pay above the asking rate to find the right person.

However the live-in nanny will sometimes be alone in sole charge for up to four nights per week while the parents work away.