A SCHOOLGIRL knocked down in the street is still woken by nightmares more than a year after the horrific accident.

Brave Kelsey Brown was 10 when a car hit her in Drumry during the October school holidays in 2016.

She has had to learn to walk again following the accident which almost “took her ankle off”.

Because of a hedge, neither Kelsey nor the vehicle could see each other at the corner of Onslow Road and Alsatian Avenue and, when the vehicle struck her, she was dragged a few feet, destroying her ankle.

Kelsey had to have reconstructive surgery, including bone and skin grafts and was in a wheelchair for five months.

A year on, the 11-year-old P7 pupil at St Eunan’s Primary is still haunted by what happened but is also determined to move forward and also face down the taunts she gets from some other children – and adults – about her leg.

Mum-of-three Claire, 32, told the Post: “She went to get ice cream at about 1.10pm and was always crossing there.

“The driver couldn’t see around the corner and she couldn’t see him. He dragged her along and took her ankle off.

“She has had to learn how to walk again, her leg is growing bent and she’s to get dental work.

“She’s too scared to walk down the road and she’s been having nightmares – she has flashbacks at school.

“People go on about her scars and how ugly it makes her, but I just say it makes her different. It’s off children and adults as well.

“I think the public expect them to get over it quite fast, but it’s obviously not the case.

“She screams every night and I have to get up and get her.”

But Claire added: “The doctors are really good and the school has been really good. Kelsey is getting to the point she doesn’t care what happens. She says as long as she’s alive, that’s what matters.”

Kelsey will need new skin grafts but only once the existing ones heel, something made more difficult by climbing stairs. She’s determined to move forward.

Claire said: “She’s still trying to be a kid. She just wants people not to point or stare.”