Bankies are being invited to connect with the spirit world at a show coming to the town hall on Thursday.

Internationally acclaimed mediums Angel Anne and George Wyllie are not just promising an evening of extraordinary spiritual communication, they are also guaranteeing a night of fun and laughter.

For the real The Real Mediums of Glesga aim to prove the existence of "life after life" through uplifting banter and repartee in the Glasgow tradition.

George told the Post: "A wonderfully entertaining and emotional evening is assured as we will reconnect families in both worlds together for a short period of time.

"We have found that we have grannies and grampas 'coming through'. These are strong characters and they come forward with that same uplifting banter which means so much to our audience.

"We came together with the idea of uplifting people after seeing so many people coming away from mediumship shows and demonstrations feeling more down then when they went in.

"Scottish people smile in the face of adversity and this is why we aim to bring spirit communication and the Glesga banter to the audience."

The Clydebank show is the first of seven during the month in central and west Scotland and the tour finishes in the Hallmark Hotel in Glasgow on October 21.

Tickets are available