POLICE are investigating damage to a pontoon in Old Kilpatrick that residents say has also put local animals at risk.

Wood slats were removed from the pontoon at Portpatrick Road near the canal sometime between midnight and 6pm on July 31 said police.

A resident told the Post two men had been seen attaching gut and hooks to the pontoons and leaving them, then returning later to see if they caught anything.

They said: "Some of the gut is 30 feet in length. Two moorhens have been killed with it. We have two swans on the canal who were stressed with these lines.

"One has been hiding under pontoons at Bowling in between boats for eight days, the other is in Bowling Harbour - they ae not reunited, which is sad.

"Wildlife, dogs etc are at risk on the canal due to these incidents and also the danger of a child getting hurt."

In another vandalism, a front windscreen of a car parked at Drumry rail station in Onslow Road between 8.30pm on August 2 and 12pm on August 3.

Between 10pm on August 4 and 8am on August 5, two tyres on two vehicles were slashed in Taylor Street, Clydebank.

And a rear windscreen and bodywork was also damaged on a vehicle between 8.30pm on August 4 and 10.35am on August 5 in Burns Street.

Anyone with information on the incidents is asked to contact police on 101.