A CLYDEBANK man admitted flouting a bail order which barred him from attempting to make contact with a woman.

Steven Ordish, 38, of Durban Avenue, breached a condition of the order when he sent a social media message to one of her friends on July 1.

Ordish pleaded guilty to the charge when he was brought from custody to Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday.

Fiscal depute Martina McGuigan told the court Ordish had sent a Facebook message to his partner’s friend asking her to “find out the truth about what happened”.

Ms McGuigan told the court Ordish’s message also stated: “I should have listened to her and believed her. Tell her I’m sorry and I still love her.”

The message was passed on to the woman and police were contacted.

When interviewed about the breach Ordish said that if he knew he was banned from contacting the woman through a third party he would not have done it.

Ordish’s solicitor confirmed: “It seems he did not understand that third party contact, even of this nature, is included [in the bail conditions].”

Ordish is pleading not guilty to the charge for which the bail order was imposed; he is due to appear in court again in connection with the matter on August 14, with a trial set down for September 14.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry reminded Ordish that the bail condition states he “must not contact by any means whatsoever” any person involved in the case before the trial.

The sheriff added: “It’s an excuse – and I use that word very loosely – that can only work once.”

Sentence on the bail breach was deferred until Ordish’s next appearance on the principal matter in August.