NURSERY pupils have been left heartbroken as cruel vandals trashed their yard for the second time in weeks.

Chesters Nursery was already recovering from a break-in last month where hundreds of pounds were stolen and the office wrecked in the search for goods. A greenhouse was also set alight.

On Tuesday night, the nursery was hit again, this time with a garden bed being ripped open, a bird house on a fence damaged, play house turned over and more.

The nursery and community reacted angrily to the latest invasion as police investigate.

A spokeswoman for the nursery said: “After the devastating break in last week, the children have come in to find more damage to their nursery garden this morning - benches have been ripped out of the ground, raised beds have been broken and plants pulled out, bird houses knocked off their posts and so on.

“It’s gutting to see all the work the children and families put in get destroyed.”

Chesters and Camstradden Primary were broken into on May 24 and £110 was taken from the nursery safe, £120 from their snack fund as well as two iPads that took a year of fundraising to buy. A mini greenhouse was even torched.

Garscadden Primary was broken into last week and about £1,000 stolen, according to police.

Speaking after the first Chesters attack, Cllr Paul Carey said: “I’m absolutely outraged and disgusted that these animals – and that’s what they are – have targeted a local school and nursery, which is at the heart of our community.”

In response to the earlier theft, local resident and education trainer Alice Sharp donated £800 to help get Camstradden and Chesters back on their feet.

Police urge anyone with information on any of the incidents to contact them on 101.