ANOTHER school has been targeted by thieves leaving parents and teachers angry but heartened by an outpouring of support.

Garscadden Primary was broken into last week tainting the final days of the school before it closes forever and moves to the new Clyde Campus.

Laura McMillan, a teacher at the school, said: “It’s quite an emotional time. We had open doors evenings last week [before the break-in] to have a last trip down memory lane for former pupils – we even had people from the 1940s in.

“It’s quite devastating.”

Police confirmed the break-in happened sometime between 5pm on June 6 and 5am on June 7 and about £1,000 in cash and items was stolen.

They said there was no link currently to the Camstradden Primary and Chesters Nursery break-in just two weeks earlier but forensics are being examined to help catch those responsible.

But just as community spirit and generosity stepped in to help the Drumchapel schools, Garscadden had its own neighbours looking out for it.

Staff at Quayside Care Home had a whip round and took a collection up to the school within hours of the break-in.

Louise Singh, who works at the home and whose daughter Akesha Kaur is finishing P7 at Garscadden in the coming weeks, said: “We couldn’t get as much as what was taken, but we have quite a good relationship with the school and it was a shame that it’s one of the final things to happen to the school.

“We wanted to do something positive.”

Ms McMillan at the school said the school was touched by the generosity of the care home and pupils popped down to visit to thank them.

She said: “For someone to be so generous, it’s a really nice act. There was some good that’s come out of it.”

Anyone with information on the break-in is asked to contact Drumchapel police on 101.