A CLYDEBANK man has been praised for his attempts to tackle his alcohol problem after he admitted a tirade of verbal abuse against his partner.

Michael Fitzsimmons was placed on a community payback order after pleading guilty to shouting, swearing and putting his partner in a state of fear and alarm at a property in Lappin Street in December 2015.

Fitzsimmons, 56, of Dumbarton Road, appeared in court on Friday for a review of the order.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “I could be looking at a much worse report. I can tell by looking at you that while things may not be perfect, they’re better than in the past.

“The problem you have with alcohol is deep-rooted and severe, and will require continued effort on your part.

“As long as I’m satisfied you are making a reasonable degree of effort I will allow you to retain your liberty.”

A further review hearing was fixed for August 2.