A DRUMCHAPEL man who needed medical help tried to bite a paramedic before threatening to kill police officers and their families.

An ambulance was called to assist David Pyne – but instead of accepting help he attacked emergency services.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Pyne, of Carolside Drive, assaulted the paramedic by attempting to bite him on his body.

The 55-year-old went on to assault two police officers and resist arrest by not allowing officers to handcuff him.

When he was finally taken to hospital, Pyne continued his rampage by shouting, swearing and making threats against police.

The court heard Pyne has “no recollection of the events” that took place on November 17, 2015, a claim Sheriff Barry Divers said was “concerning”.

Pyne was found guilty following a trial and appeared again at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing.

His defence lawyer referred to the “somewhat peculiar nature of this offence,” before giving mitigation to the sheriff.

He added: “He has a level of regret. He has shame and remorse. He recognises the emergency services were there to help him.”

The lawyer added that Pyne had been calm, “but for some unknown reason there was a change of mood”.

Pyne was found guilty of hindering two police officers in carrying out their duties.

During an attempt to restrain him, Pyne lashed out with his arms and legs and tucked his arm under his body so handcuffs could not be applied.

He then shouted at officers, swore, made threats and behaved in an aggressive manner.

After being taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital he also shouted, swore and made threats, including threatening to kill police officers and their families.

Pyne was given a community payback order to last for 24 months. He was also given a six-month restriction of liberty order that will keep him in his home between 9pm and 7am.