BANKIES are being urged to make small changes to help work colleagues, friends and families be more inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland said good communication was important and offered a series of tips as part of Deaf Awareness Week, from May 15 to 21.

It includes learning basic British Sign Language (BSL) and fingerspelling, talking directly to the deaf person and not an interpreter, using plain language, making it easier to lip read by not covering your mouth and speaking in good lighting, speaking clearly but not exaggerating lip movements.

They also advised Bankies not to shout, saying it can be uncomfortable for hearing aid users and looks aggressive.

Delia Henry, director of Action on hearing Loss Scotland, said: “Deaf Awareness Week is the ideal time to celebrate the valuable contributions which Deaf people and British Sign Language users make to society.

"And gives us the opportunity to consider how everyone can take small steps to improve their communication.”

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