CONCERNS have been raised about how Clyde Shopping Centre handled a bomb hoax last weekend.

Police were called to the centre on Saturday, April 8 after a cleaner found an envelope in the women’s toilet around 8.50am threatening an explosive would go off at 3pm that day.

There was no evacuation as the centre formally doesn’t open until 9am. But many workers of shopping centre outlets took to social media to express alarm.

The shopping centre said they took the decision with Police Scotland, who continue to investigate.

Lara Amy Wightman said: “The shopping centre is open – Primark opens at 8am, Greggs opens at 8am. I was in Greggs about 8.30am with my daughter and was none the wiser.

“The centre should have been evacuated, hoax or not, and bomb squad in to check properly. Yeah it might have been a hoax but what if it wasn’t everyone in there was in danger regardless.

“Absolutely shocking way to deal with it especially when terrorism is at a high.”

Michelle Henderson said: “Can’t take anything lightly these days. Staff are in the centre at this time and also some shops are opened at this time.”

Kayleigh Morrison added: “I was in work at this time and was unaware of this my shop opens at 8am so there would have been staff and customers in the centre.”

And Sean Ferrol wrote: “Nice to know I didn’t need to be evacuated. Only setting up the shop at that time.”

Carly Sinclair remarked: “Nice to know us staff are not important enough to be told.”

Police are continuing an appeal for information while CCTV is checked and forensics carried out.

Inspector David Quinn added each incident is dealt with on its own merits and if there was a need to evacuate, they would do so.

A spokeswoman for Clyde Shopping Centre said: “The centre has an emergency planning document where the processes are followed in circumstances such as this.

“After investigating the information, CCTV footage, etc. and in consultation with Police Scotland the decision was made that it was not necessary to evacuate the centre.”