GILLIAN Macdonald has 1,000 reasons to back a charity working to save the lives of mums and their babies.

But the Knightswood woman says helping just one family is reason enough to embark on a marathon fundraising effort.

Gillian, 33, almost died after developing an ectopic pregnancy and says only swift action from husband Paul saved her life.

Now Gillian plans to walk, swim and run 1,000km in the next 12 months in aid of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

She aims to raise more than £1,000 to publicise the condition which affects as many as one in eighty pregnancies.

“I had never heard of an ectopic pregnancy before it happened to me,” said Gillian.

“It occurs when the embryo starts to grow outside the womb, often in the fallopian tubes.

“This can result in an internal rupture and bleeding which could kill both the mother and the baby.

“There is an urgent need for more publicity to highlight the symptoms so that women are aware of what is happening and to take immediate action.”

Gillian discovered that she had an ectopic pregnancy at seven weeks, two years ago when she was 31.

She also suffered a miscarriage the previous year when just six weeks pregnant.

“I started to get shoulder tip pains which are one of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy,” she added.

“The following day, I had terrible stomach pains and I was rushed to hospital.

“My husband travelled through from Edinburgh and he was so worried that he insisted they operate.

“The surgeon told us the next day that I had started bleeding internally and I wouldn’t be here if my husband hadn’t pushed for them to operate.

“I have quite a high pain threshold so I was just dealing with it but looking back now the pain was horrendous. “ The couple were delighted when Gillian became pregnant again and they now have a beautiful 14-week-old daughter, Ailith.

She was conceived even though Gillian only had one fallopian tube left after her operation.

“Ailith is our rainbow baby.

“After the storm comes the rainbow and we are just so delighted and thrilled to have this little bundle of joy,” added Gillian.

“I now want to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancies because it is still not talked about much yet its effects can be horrendous and deadly.”

Gillian is raising funds for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust by walking, swimming or runnings 1,000km over the next 12 months.

“I only started at the beginning of March and have walked 54km so far.

“I initially aimed to raise £500 but already have £360 pledged so I’m going for £1,000.”

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