A DUNTOCHER man told his mum "say your prayers, you're going to die tonight you fat b*****d" during a brutal Hogmanay assault while he was out on bail.

Barry Carey, a prisoner at low moss prison, locked his mother inside a Craigielea Road flat where he punched, headbutted and kicked her until she fled, jumping from the home's first floor veranda.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard Carey had been watching the old firm match earlier that day with his mother, sister and his mother's partner before he left the property and travelled to Dalmuir with his sister.

But he later returned home and tried to provoke his mother's partner to fight with him and threatened to kill his mother.

Depute fiscal David McDonald said: "About 8.15pm he attended at his mother's home address, he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was acting somewhat aggressively.

"The victim persuaded her partner to go for a driver so she could calm the accused down.

"As soon as (her partner) left, the accused locked the door behind him. She went into the hallway and he got her by the hair and shouted 'say your prayers you're going to die tonight you fat b*****d'."

He added: "He dragged her to the bedroom and punched her, she fell back onto the bed. He headbutted and repeatedly punch her on the head.

"She fell from the bed to the floor and he repeatedly kicked her on the back while shouting repeatedly."

When she escaped, the victim then ran down the street barefoot until she was picked up by her partner.

She denied an ambulance at the time but later attended an Queen Elizabeth University Hospital accident and emergency department.

She had bruising and swelling to her left jaw and around both eyes but there was no sign of a fracture.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry deferred sentence to April 4 in order to obtain a criminal justice social work report, which Carey's defence agent agreed would be of use. Carey will remain in custody.

Sheriff Hendry said: "I was prepared to preside to sentence and it would have been lengthy.

"I would want to know what else can be done in order to protect the public and particularly women."